Modern Economic & Diplomatic Highlights of Jordan

July 18, 2019

Before You Consider Investing in Jordan… Here are some highlights of current conditions.

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  • 'Obesity in Jordan rises by 300,000 in four years'
  • Nearly 36% of Jordan’s labour income goes to top 10% of workers — ILO
  • Tourist sites record surge in guests as June figures jump 26.5 per cent
  • Jordan: Moody’s expects debt-to-GDP ratio to 'gradually decline'
  • AFD grants Jordan soft loan of 95 million euros
  • Jordan receives first instalment of WB $1.45b loan
  • Recent indicators sign of gradual economic recovery — Hammouri, Jordan Minister of Industry


  • Jordanian MP's Call To Bomb Israel-Jordan Gas Pipeline Sparks Angry Responses
  • 20,000 refugees have returned home since Jordan-Syria border reopening — UNHCR
  • Some 65% of Jordanians believe situation in Jordan going in wrong direction
  • Jordan Stands by 2-State Israel-Palestinian Solution
  • Jordan names new envoy to Qatar, two years after downgrading ties

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07/18 Diplomatic Highlights

July 18, 2019

Here are some diplomatic highlights on recent global events. 

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  • EU gives Poland 2 months to reverse regulations ‘undermining independence of judges’
  • Berlin wants Russia to release Ukrainian sailors – German FM
  • G7 ministers reach consensus on taxing digital giants: France
  • Russia calls on OSCE to facilitate dialogue between NATO & post-Soviet security bloc CSTO
  • Albania: French Ambassador publicly questions June 30 elections


  • US State Dept: Pompeo to talk Hezbollah, anti-terrorism in Buenos Aires
  • Confusion, Fear Reign on Mexico Border With New U.S. Policy on Asylum
  • Uruguayan President Vázquez underlines the importance of the EU deal for Mercosur


  • Bahrain to host conference to discuss Iranian naval security threats
  • UK, Gibraltar discuss seized oil tanker amid row with Iran
  • US House votes to block sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia
  • Hot line with Azerbaijani president does not guarantee there will be no victims – Pashinyan


  • Philippine’s Duterte's call for US defense treaty is another sarcasm: Palace
  • India demands Pakistan release accused ‘spy’ after world court ruling
  • Tajikistan, Afghanistan reach agreement on construction of rail link that will connect them and Turkmenistan


  • Kenya-Uganda peace deal to herald new dawn at border
  • UN chief pays glowing tribute as world remembers Mandela
  • France Announces Plan to Issue Visiting Visa in Liberia by September

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07/18 Climate Change Report

July 18, 2019

Here is  a selection of recent reports on our World Environment for this day.

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  • Rajasthan, India to focus on climate change with new action plan
  • Komodo Island, Indonesia to be closed in 2020: Agency
  • Thailand: Dramatic drop in Mekong water level sparks alarm
  • Death toll reaches 90 in Nepal floods, landslides and 24 roads damaged in Mahottari


  • Hibernia platform shut down after oil spill off Newfoundland
  • Heavy rains bring flash floods to Toronto area
  • Brutal Heatwave Descending On Much Of U.S. Could Trigger Electrical Blackouts
  • Drought, bush fires ravaging St Mary farms, Jamaica - Fire department confirms huge jump


  • Volunteers find dead birds with plastic-filled stomachs on Danish beaches
  • Portugal:  Defence invests €1.5M to monitor space junk


  • Turkey's northwest struggles with flash flood


  • West Antarctic ice collapse may be prevented by snowing ocean water onto it

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